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Manchester City 1-2 Juventus: Bianconeri Won By Morata Late Goal

Man city 1-2 Juventus
Juve successful victory over Manchester City on Wednesday (09.16.15).

As expected, the match between Manchester City and Juventus goes with fierce.

It can be seen from the game both teams were equally appear adamant and attacking play.

Buying and selling of attack is inevitable in this game. City were relying on attacks from Bony, Silva and Yaya Toure failed to change the score after efforts to successfully countered by the Juve defense.

Conversely, they also managed to reduce attacks of Paul Pogba, Juan Cuadrado, and Alvaro Morata.
Unfortunately, until the break both teams still have not been able to score goals to be changing positions.
0-0 score did not change in this first round match.

Entering the second half, both City and Juve did not loosen their attacking style of play.
Mutual attack was still given them in the second half of this.

When the game runs in the 58th minute, the score finally changed for the host advantage, through an own goal by Giorgio Chiellini who seeks to banish the corner kick that intensified by Juan Cudrado.

Although conceding, Juve did not break their spirit. Instead, they are intensifying attacks toward the goal of The Citizen.

Their efforts were bearing fruit through Mario Mandzukic in the 70th minute utilizing measurable feedback from Paul Pogba. score changed to 1-1.

Towards the end of the game, both teams remain equally appear adamant.

However, this game eventually won by the visiting team, Juventus through their striker Alvaro Morata in the 81st minute.

Score 2-1 juventus ended for excellence.

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