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Interesting Facts After Chelsea 3-1 Everton

Everton managed to embarrass the defending champions Chelsea at Goodison Park on the weekend of the Premier League 5. Here we raised a number of interesting facts slump after the Blues on Saturday (09.12.15).

Jose Mourinho's side could only surrender once again fallen poor results at week 5 Premier League. Face Everton at Goodison Park, Cesc Fabregas and his friends to be defeated by a score of 3-1.

Steven Naismith Everton win an actor in the game contra Chelsea. Unsparing, Naismith succeeded in breaking down the walls of the defending champion with gelontoran 3 goals.

While Chelsea could only reply with a grain of goals from Nemanja Matic. The defeat of Everton increasingly put Chelsea in the top-16 Premier League standings with a record of 4 points.

Interesting Facts After following Butchered Chelsea Everton:
Chelsea only managed to collect only four points from the first four Premier League matches this season. Chelsea worst start since 1995/96.

Steven Naismith has scored two more times against Chelsea like facing other teams.

Only one substitute in Premier League history (Smalling vs Burnley in February 2015, 6 minutes), which has scored an early goal from Naismith today.

29% of Steven Naismith 17 goals in the Premier League came against Chelsea.

Chelsea is now the team with the most goals conceded levels of the other Premier League team this season.

Steven Naismith was the first player to score a goal against Jose Mourinho's team in three separate Premier League matches.

The second goal in the Premier League Nemanja Matic scored against Everton at Goodison Park. Groundhog.

Chelsea faced 33 shots on target in the Premier League this season, 27 more than Manchester City.

Steven Naismith is substitute the 6th which scored a hat trick in the Premier League.

Chelsea have now conceded 16 goals in the last seven Premier League matches them, one more than they did in the entire first season Mourinho (04/05).

There is no team with Chelsea record after five matches of the Premier League season (won 1, draw 1, Lose 3) never finished higher than third place.

Chelsea's Premier League matches 12 goals conceded under Mourinho:
04/05: 32
05/06: 23
06/07: 19
13/14: 14
14/15: 15
15/16: 5

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