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(VIDEO) 3 Dramatic Game Between Arsenal vs Liverpool

Arsenal will host Liverpool in the third week of the Premier League this season. Both teams have a long enough track record. The two teams also produce a lot of goals that make many people impressed.

The match between the host Arsenal versus Liverpool will be the final match in the third week of the Premier League. As the host, Arsenal are now ranked 13 certainly want to win. While Liverpool is ranked fifth also have the same mission, to win.

Looking historically, the second game the team is penyajikan a number of goals that was considered quite impressive to be remembered by both fans and quite dramatic.

The following three dramatic match Arsenal vs Liverpool.

1. Robbie Fowler Hattrick 
The match between Liverpool contra Arsenal on August 28, 1994 it became quite painful game for Arsenal. How not, the Liverpool striker from England, Robie Fowler success sarangkan fastest hat-trick. Fowler scored the first goal in the 26th minute and then followed by the second goal at minute 29 and the third goal at minute 31.

Fowler successfully embarrass David Seaman who was a goalkeeper Arsenal.

2. May 26, 1989
In this match, Liverpool return to host. The current 1988/89 season, both teams are competing in the 1st and 2nd rank the Premier League. Difference between the two teams is very thin, only three points. Liverpool are currently the most favored because of rank 1 is predicted to win against Arsenal.

But when the whistle sounded all predictions fall apart. Arsenal which was then coached George Graham successfully won 2-0 at Liverpool. Goals from Arsenal scored by their striker, Alan Smith and their anchor midfielder, Michael Thomas. This action is touted as the most dramatic matches in the history of the English Premier League.

3. 4 Goals Unrequited 1
Arsenal host Liverpool embarrass successful enough score 4-1. Prime goal of Arsenal scored by Bellerin passing acceleration after receiving a pass from Wilshere. Arsenal's second goal scored by Ozil, Alexis continued with the goal and the last goal scored by Giruoud.

While Liverpool only scored from Jordan Henderson. One goal is enough to make the admiration is kicking goals from Mesut Ozil free kick at minute 40.

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