Senin, 24 Agustus 2015

Rely On Giroud, Arsenal Can't Be Champion

Persistence Arsenal for trying to bring in a new striker to the Emirates, is reasonable. Because they are the current mainstay striker Oliver Giroud is not considered good enough to navigate the Premier League.

With the advent of questions will be opportunities mememangi Arsenal Premier League title in advance of Apara Gunners players themselves, the big question is whether they are able to do so without a world-class striker.

While Manchester City have scored barns sorts Sergio Aguero and Chelsea had the cutting edge kind of Diego Costa, whether Arsene Wenger's men were able to compete only by relying Giroud.

Even last season Arsenal legend Thierry Henry thought that Gunner had to bring a first-class striker.
"Attackers top should be drawn to win the league," said Henry quoted Goal.

This is the reason why Wenger is so bernapsu bring Karim Benzema from Real Madrid or Edinson Cavani from Paris Saint-Germain. Yet until now there has been no sign of the second coming of one of the goal-hungry striker.

So far the new Arsenal three points from a maximum of six in two Premier League matches. The achievement of the Gunner perched ranked 13th.

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