Rabu, 26 Agustus 2015

Happier in Italy, Lamela Want to Join Inter

Towards the closing of the summer transfer market, Inter Milan still keen to hunt some players dream. Erik Lamela who want to return to Serie A Inter became the next target.

Indeed the main target is the Inter Wolfsburg player Ivan Perisic, but negotiations were protracted and the reluctance of German clubs release players make Il Biscione inflict on Lamela.

"I can confirm that the rumors are true, and interest in Erik's true. We await further developments in a few days," said Lamela's father told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"We want to go back to Italy and we are waiting for the negotiations. It is true that Erik put out his best in Italy and it looks like his character is better suited there.

"Erik is very happy in Serie A and two years with AS Roma is extraordinary. We want to return to Serie A and we are pleased with the offer of Inter."

According to reports from Sky Sport Italia, agreement has been reached. Inter will borrow Lamela at a cost of 6 million euros, equivalent Rp.97 billion, and there is a purchase option at the end of the season. So it all amounts to a total of 14 million euros or the equivalent of Rp.226 billion.

Tottenham bought Lamela from Roma in 2013. Since that time the Argentine players have played 45 times and scored two goals.

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