Senin, 24 Agustus 2015

Arteta at Arsenal a New Role Live

Mikel Arteta had suffered an injury in November 2014. Now the bloody Spanish players had been able to strengthen Arsenal this season with his new position.
The former Everton player this should increase the operating table in January in order to heal the injury. During treatment, Arteta had to give up his position taken over by other colleagues in the midfield.

So far Arsenal coach, Arsene Wenger, often combining Francis Coquelin, Santi Cazorla and Aaron Ramsey in midfield. Above it was when Arteta back into the team, he should be willing to play a new role is none other than as a replacement.

"I've never been like this before, as a replacement. When you're sitting on the bench, you have to keep trying to see things that are happening, where the dangers when thinking what can I do if I go to court ?," he told

"It's hard when you come like this, when the team is trying to maintain tersebu results, but you need to get there with the highest intensity, began to create the effect, if possible, and this is a new situation for me," he explained.

In addition Arteta also admitted after he missed eight months, the Arsenal captain had difficulty to catch up. These losses should he pursue slowly and believes if all his efforts will be rewarded good.
"I know that I suffered a loss compared to others. Because when you do not play, you should start slowly. Hopefully the time will come slowly and I get a reply, "added Arteta,

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